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  • Dan Wilson

    Dan Wilson.


    "intellHR has allowed us to treat an employee, based overseas, as if they were based in the office."

  • Sarah Gatehouse

    Sarah Gatehouse.

    Fujitsu General Australia

    In 2016 we rolled out intelliHR, and in 2017 we had our best financial year yet. That makes a massive statement to show how valuable an investment in people and technology can be."

  • Sarah Gatehouse

    Sarah Gatehouse.

    Fujitsu General Australia

    "With the implementation of intelliHR, the improvements in our culture are clearly visible. intelliHR is a tool that helps with our strategic cultural goal of being a great place to work, with improved engagement, communication and goal management now well on track."



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Why choose intelliHR over Chris21?

First of all, we’d like to tip our hats to the people over at Chris21. They’ve built a popular payroll system many Australian and New Zealand Businesses use today. We’re guessing you’re here because you realised you need an HR system to go with your payroll. Maybe you’re thinking about options beyond Chris21. Comparing them. And wondering how we’re different from Chris21.


So what’s the difference between intelliHR and Chris21?
Sure, there are features and product differences between the two (further down), but…



Chris21 was built to accompany Chris Payroll, Pay21. A payroll addon. intelliHR was created to support your HR and HR strategy. That’s our goal; to help you do strategic HR.
Chris21 will give you everything with one vendor. And that could make life easier. The system is made to work with your Payroll. It’s broad and they offer many modules. In fact, they have more modules than we do.
But that’s because our focus is on solving more problems, not creating more modules. So is intelliHR going to be a better fit for you? That’s up to you decide. To help, we wrote the rest of the page for you.
We sat down with our most experienced customers and top Customer Success Managers to write this page. We asked them:
“If you were to explain to a family member why they should pick intelliHR vs. Chris21, what would you say?”
Here are their answers…


The 3 key reasons your HR leaders choose intelliHR over Chris21

#1 A modern HR platform for modern HR
#2 You can configure intelliHR how you want
#3 Intuitive and beautiful, not complicated and clunky
We built intelliHR for HR TODAY. The team behind Chris21 did a great job building a broad platform. But it wasn’t built recently, with modern HR in mind. intelliHR was made for today’s HR requirements, with current best-practice at its core. Like modern performance management that focuses on feedback, not reviews. Or reporting made for this decade, not the last. You can do more with intelliHR. Yes, Chris21 has a broader feature set than intelliHR. But in intelliHR, everything is customisable, from onboarding workflows to engagement surveys. So you can create different HR experiences for different employees. And create them the way you want.

You can’t do that in Chris21.

Because intelliHR was built with HR and employee adoption in mind, it’s beautiful and easy to use. Our user-friendly interface and experience were made to feel natural. So you don’t have to worry about employees avoiding the platform.
You also don’t need the whole IT team just to change things. Chris21 has more modules than intelliHR, but only if employees actually use them.


And if that’s not enough, here are two more reasons HR teams we work with LOVE intelliHR


  1. Their employees actually WANT to use intelliHR
    If no-one uses the platform, low adoption, it’s impossible to make real change. That’s why intelliHR is user-friendly and engaging. It looks and feels modern. Employees love using it, so adoption rates are high. Higher adoption, higher engagement, happier HR.
  2. Our reporting and analytics are built for their HR strategy
    HR people today have to do endless reporting. That’s why we built intelliHR’s analytics. All the reports you need, at the click of your mouse. Yes, Chris21 has reporting and analytics, but they weren’t made for the reporting demands of today. Using intelliHR you can drill down and discover hidden trends, using People data to drive HR decisions. It’s why HR teams LOVE our analytics. They support your HR intuition with compelling data.


Side by Side: intelliHR vs Chris21

Chris21 logo
System Type Best-of-Breed system Broad system, modular
Design New, modern Older with broader functionality
Customisation Easily customise yourself Basic customisation through Chris21
Features Overview a Onboarding
a Self-Service
a Modern Performance Management
a Performance Reviews, Goals
a Peer Feedback
a Surveys
a Reporting & People Analytics (AI)
a Compliance & Certification Tracking,
a Workflows
a Training Tracker & Needs Analysis
a Planning & Financial Drivers, Offboarding
a Recruitment Management
a Onboarding
a Self Service
a Performance Management
a Time & Attendance
a Claims & Expenses
a HR Analytics
a Workflows
a Learning & Development Training
a WH&S – Incident Management
a Payroll + Payslip Designer
a Contract Management
Included Support Dedicated Customer Success Manager from start to finish, on-demand (phone or email) Helpdesk
Additional Services Ongoing training, intelliHR Community, Development Workshops, Speaking Opportunities Services (project management, post-implementation) at additional costs, training courses and user groups, helpdesk queries, user training programmes
Price Pricing Page Upon Request


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(pain points covered: User Friendly, Modern, Easily Customisable, Good UI, Analytics/Reporting)

Your Next Steps

Shopping around? We understand. Here are some next steps we suggest based on where you’re at:

I’m new to HR platforms and looking around I’m already using a platform and need something better I’m ready to see intelliHR for myself
Here’s a quick survey to help you figure out what you need (typeform survey) Find out if intelliHR is what you’re looking for – ask one of our experts today. Schedule a Free Product Demo. Personalised by one of our HR experts.
(no pesky sales followup, unless you want us to) (if we’re not a fit, we won’t hassle you afterwards) (Get to see how the system would actually look and feel)


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